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A new student ticketing plan has been established for the 2018 home football season, and we’re excited to share details with the Clemson student body.

After listening to student concerns and working with the Department of Athletics, we believe this new ticketing plan addresses past concerns while giving more control to students in determining their ability to obtain a ticket.

The uniquely Clemson tradition of providing students access to football tickets at absolutely no cost will continue under the new plan, as free game tickets will be provided to students in each student section. The new plan now also provides an opportunity for students to purchase a season ticket, and students will have more control over the ticketing process. Members of the IPTAY Collegiate Club and upperclassmen will continue to receive benefits.

Below, you can learn what’s new this year and read the answers to questions you may have. In addition, we’ve created a student feedback email address, coordinated by Student Government, to which you can share your questions, comments or concerns. Simply email:

An overview of the new system is available HERE, and we’ll communicate further details before the registration process for season tickets begins on August 1.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and get ready for another incredible football season!

What's new in 2018?

Students will now have three options to get a ticket to Clemson home football games:

1. Season Ticket

Up to 3,600 tickets will be available for student purchase in August

2. Free Single-Game Tickets Lottery

5,100 tickets will be available per game via a student lottery. Students will be notified of their ticket allocation in August

3. Day-of-Game Tickets

1,500 tickets per game (plus any other unclaimed tickets) will be available to students the morning of the game

*Season ticket allocation (as well as free single-game ticket lottery) will be held with priority given on seniority (credit hours) and IPTAY Collegiate Club members.
**Free tickets are available in every section. All tickets on The Hill are free.

Why is the student ticket allocation process changing?

Over the past few years, there has been a great deal of discussion surrounding student football ticketing. After receiving many comments and complaints from students, CUSG and Clemson Athletics came together to make adjustments which allow students more control in acquiring tickets. The goal is to get these valuable tickets in the hands of the students who want them the most, while also continuing to provide every student an opportunity to experience the long- standing tradition of Clemson Football gamedays.

Can I sit with my friends?

Yes! Free tickets are available in every student section so regardless of how you receive your ticket, you have the opportunity to sit with your friends. Tickets are fully transferable, enabling students to freely exchange tickets with other students to keep friends together.

Can I transfer my purchased season ticket to another student?

Yes, all tickets can be transferred to other students. However, only purchased tickets can be resold, whereas free tickets from the lottery or gameday pick-up cannot be transferred for monetary value.
*A CUID must be shown to enter game to ensure only Clemson students are using student tickets

How much will season tickets cost?

For the first time, students will have the opportunity to reserve a season ticket for all seven home games. Lower deck tickets will cost $40 per game ($280 total for the season), and upper deck tickets will be $30 per game ($210 total for the season).

How does a student request a season ticket?

Online registration for season tickets will begin August 1. Full details on the registration process will be available later this summer.

What happens if more than 3,600 students request season tickets?

All requests received prior to the registration deadline will be then ranked in priority order, with consideration given to seniority (credit hours completed) in school and IPTAY Collegiate Club participation. Details on priority ranking will be provided prior to the beginning of the registration process.

What happens if fewer than 3,600 students request season tickets?

Any unsold student tickets will be made available as part of the single-game process. The student ticket allocation will not be effected by unsold tickets.

How will single-game tickets be allotted and distributed?

After season tickets have been assigned, a lottery will be held to allot free single-game tickets to students. A student may enter the lottery for any particular home game or for every home game, with their odds of getting a ticket unchanged. A weighted lottery will be held, with priority given based on seniority (credit hours completed) and IPTAY Collegiate Club status, with the winners announced prior to the start of the season. In an effort to increase student attendance at games and to reduce the timeframe for the inappropriate sale of these free tickets, tickets will be only be distributed the week of each game. Students will pick up tickets at an on-campus location during a set time period from Wednesday to Friday prior to home games. Further details will be communicated in August.

How does gameday distribution work?

Students can pick up any remaining free tickets on game days at an on-campus location on a first-come, first-served basis. Further details will be communicated in August.

Are there perks for IPTAY Collegiate Club members?

Yes, as always, Collegiate Club members will receive priority in ticketing, which will be factored into both season ticket distribution and free single-game tickets. You can find out more about the benefits of IPTAY Collegiate Club HERE.

Will we know if we received a season ticket before the free lottery ticket registration begins?

Yes! Those students who receive a season ticket will be notified prior to the registration deadline for the free student ticket lottery. Students who do not receive a season ticket may enter the lottery for free single-game tickets for as many home games as they wish.

How many tickets are available for students?

A total of approximately 10,200 tickets are dedicated to enrolled students, the same allocated in previous years.

For basketball tickets, present your CUID at the designated student gate at Littlejohn Coliseum. Tickets are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis, until no more tickets are available. For more information, see the 2018-19 Men's Basketball Student Ticketing Policy.

With any questions or concerns regarding graduate student athletic tickets, please contact Student Services Director, Adika Mammadrahimli.

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